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You've just got to reach out!


Our Mission

We here at the Hot Tag Foundation are dedicated towards promoting a community-orientated approach to kindness, generosity and well-being through professional wrestling. Our mission is to inspire young people; presenting positive role models through larger-than-life characters, whilst also encouraging mental & physical health support to all. Through dedicated support networks we aim to harness the compassion of the Britwres community, fostering a culture of positivity and empowerment for a strong representation and perspective on a collective that is renowned for its pride and heritage.


Our Aims

We aim to be a well-known and trusted representative in British Wrestling, bringing together the community to collect donations and construct boxes of merchandise to gift to young people across the U.K.; presenting role models to those who may not have access to them through local heroes. We aim to be a driving force in introducing pro-wrestling to young people and, with the support from U.K. wrestling promotions and businesses, we can provide opportunities and support to young people and families to be able to attend local events, thus supporting local promotions, and developing a passion in something that is larger than life and has the ability to give so much to young people across the country as it did for us.


How you can help

Our Idea is simple yet continuously expanding: 

With your involvement and welcome, we will have the opportunity to integrate an influence at events that promotes fans in attendance to bring along donations of wrestling toys, plushies, books, DVD's, art equipment, clothes, or anything in between that will be collected, sanitized, packaged up into boxes, and distributed to children across the U.K. The collaborations are truly endless. 

All members of The Hot Tag Foundation are volunteers and take no monetary gain from our give-back projects. This is solely to bring together the Britwres community to do some good for young people on a National scale, and hopefully grow into something for all.

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